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I am new. I am bored. I am writing a "speech". If you dont want to read a bunch of rants skip to the bold part.

In the world today, there is war and hate. People kill or rape others everyday. Teenagers bring guns to school. But with all this there is still one outlet that brings teens and other people together - Music. Everything is different yet the same passion for music still burns in our hearts and entwines everyone together. No matter what kind of music you like, you have a special "bond" with another person who loves music. Its a way for people to express themselves through words or notes. People quit their well paying professional job for a band that calls to them. No matter what sound, type, look, genre of music you like, there is something so deeply gret about it. Every kind of music has something to appreciate about it in its own way. You can write music, write lyrics, listen to it, record it, make pictures from it, quote it - everything. Its something that will never die. Music is my life. That is how I can say all this. It might only make sense in my mind but i felt like writing it. Music is on in the car, in my room, even after school. When I am mad or sad listening to my music helps. If I can find someone with the same love of music and the same bands to like, I will ba happy. I will put up screencaps and other things I find.

I love music and I am bored.

If you want to know the music I like just ask.
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